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An Entertained Mind is a Happy Mind
September 2018

The Adventurer’s Log #7: Explosives + Caves = Bad, M’kay

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(…continued from Log Entry 6)


It already feels like luck is swinging my way, and I need to press the advantage while I have it. My equipment is getting pretty beat up, but I can’t worry about that now. There is treasure to find and tales of adventure to create!

A short way from the campsite, I notice a cave. There is always stuff in caves. Why is there stuff in caves? Who puts these things in the caves? Does it really matter? No, as long as there is stuff in the cave, I’m going in.

Not far into the cave, there is a cave-in. It looks like it once went back further, but the rubble now prevents entry. Pondering the situation for a moment, I decide this would be an excellent time to use those demolition charges I packed, you know, just in case.

Taking my time to carefully place the charges, calculating approximate force and stress thresholds, I rig the cave-in to blow. I hide behind a large boulder and hit the red button.



The cave begins to rumble and I have to make a quick call. See what I’ve uncovered, or split?


I decide to get out, but with a slight hesitation. As I’m nearing the entrance, the ceiling comes down.


I can feel pain through my powered armor, so very much pain. The whole being buried alive part isn’t exactly a picnic either. On the bright side, if I hadn’t had this powered armor on, I’d be dead. Then again, I’m not out of the woods yet. Death is still a very real possibility.

Remain calm, and… (continued in Log Entry 8)


Round 2: Action 3

Investigate Point of Interest 1 – A Cave, roll ’15’ on the d20, and select the “Blow It Up” option with a Combat Check of 10. A Water Ration is spent for a bonus d4, and the roll is a ‘7’, which FAILS. With no way to reroll, the FAIL consequences are suffered. The consequences in this case are 1d4 Wounds. A ‘3’ was rolled, resulting in 3 Wounds. This would kill a player without some form of mitigation, but the Adventurer has one extra Wound with the Powered Armor Companion.

The Point of Interest is NOT covered because it was not successfully completed. However, the Action Counter is reduced from 2 to 1. An Action spent with no gain is a considerable price to pay.

(continued in Log Entry 8)

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